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Hello there all. I have noticed a lot of people who come in contact me have this perception that I am an extrovert and that I can come across as confusing. I believe that reason has to do with my personality type. I took a personality test over 20 years ago (and again within the last year) using Meyers Briggs. It turns out my personality is the rarest. I’m and INFJ. ‘I’ stands for Introvert… Read More »PERSONALITY TYPES


Don’t tell me you haven’t been programmed. I believe in speaking THE TRUTH. The truth around vaccines and YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! BARBARA ANNE ROSE

Ayurveda Immune Support

Ayruveda Immune Support to help you during this time. Neem can be greatly beneficial for the human body. Your body’s first line of defense is a balanced immune system. Ayurveda is founded on the principle of promoting immunity naturally for overall good health and wellness – averting the danger yet to come.

Orgasmic Energy Without Touch

  Reaching and having an orgasm is much more than having one physically! THIS IS REAL!! There are thousands of people worldwide that know of this and have these types of experiences. In order for this to happen, first one needs to be willing to remove themselves from the bounds one has inside their own mind. One of the ways to do this is to first come to the realization that it has nothing to… Read More »Orgasmic Energy Without Touch

Gift Certificates Available for Christmas

Purchase a gift certificate this year for a loved one, or two, for Christmas this year, for any service Spiritual and Emotional Healing offers.   Gift Certificates start at $25 for any one of Barbara’s services. She has a new service available, VIRTUAL PERSONAL TRAINING, that is available for anyone. Call and leave a message to purchase or simply go through this website to purchase. Got Questions? Give us a shout out and we’ll be… Read More »Gift Certificates Available for Christmas

God, Religion, Opinions

No one knows the answers to everything. Not religion. No sacred book. No priest, pastor or leader of some spiritual or religious group. If any person or organization thinks they do, they are mistakenly wrong. It’s all really up for interpretation anyway. Best bet is to keep life simple. Be kind. Treat others with respect and dignity. Honor and respect your elders. Doesn’t matter if you are religious, spiritual, gnostic, agnostic, or atheist. There is… Read More »God, Religion, Opinions

Orgasmic Energy

Use YOUR Orgasmic energy to transform your body! One of the main differences between me and everyone else is that I’m a Goddess, A Light Worker, a massage therapist and healer. So as a Personal Trainer I can guide you with not just the proper exercises, but teach you ways on how to tap into this energy that can and will help you have the ability to lift more weight, which can help you lose… Read More »Orgasmic Energy