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Barbara Anne Rose is a coach, public speaker, personal trainer, nutrition consultant, and massage therapist. Barbara is a successful author, entrepreneur, mother, fitness model and an inspiration to hundreds. Her journey is one of resolve, recovery, redemption and restoration through sexual abuse, domestic violence, a psych ward, to insight, and inspiration culminating in finding her own self and having forgiveness most importantly to self.

She once possessed a victim mentality. She faced and survived unsurmountable odds. At a very young age she was sexually abused by her father between 3 and 5. As she grew into her teens and adulthood the eating disorder bulimia made the face of sexual abuse come to it’s head. In 1986 at the age of 21, unknown to her, she married a narcissist. Fifteen years later she started her life over. Even though Barbara was traumatized by the two most important men in her life, helping men, women, and couples became her God given purpose. All of her experiences allowed her to become the strong, confident, woman she is today. She doesn’t just talk about it, She lives it.


You can hear more of Barbara at her numerous speaking engagements, interviews, podcasts, LinkedIn articles, and Youtube channel. Connect with Barbara on the Spiritual Healing Facebook Page, Angel Works Facebook Page, PinterestInstagram and Twitter.

To truly love, one must need to forgive. To truly forgive, one must have love for another on a Divine level.

Shifts have been happening and will continue to happen all over the world. Barbara believes we as a human species need to be Spiritually ready. Being a part of one or more of her services will help prepare you.

Barbara focuses on the entire person: Mind, Body, & Spirit

In her focus on the Mind, Barbara is a successful coach, mentor and consultant to high-potential and successful directors, vice-presidents and managers seeking to take their relationships and lives to the next level. She believes that people are more than numbers, metrics and focus groups. She guides individuals in successful habit formation and problem resolution. She empowers them with tools for positive thinking, intuition, focus, reflection and problem solving.

In her focus on the Body, Barbara is a successful Director of Fitness, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Consultant, Physical Therapist technician, health educator, and group and television fitness instructor. As the director of fitness for Greenhouse International she overlooked all aspects of The Bean infomercial on the East coast. Between 1999 and 2005, Barbara was a successful bodybuilding, swimsuit and figure competitor. She uses her own experience and struggle to inspire and motivate others. Because Barbara believes touch is an important part of healing, she also uses her expertise as a Licensed Massage Therapist with modalities including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai Yoga, Chakra Balancing and the modality she created in 2009 called Divine Touch Therapy. Barbara both provides massage therapy and teaches massage therapy individually and in her retreats.

In her focus on the Spirit, Barbara is a successful personal guide, spiritual coach, couples relationship and communication therapist and teacher. Barbara is a motivational speaker for those who are interested in changing their lives for the better, generating freedom for individuals suffering from pain and trauma. Her book Angel Works addresses her own journey to discovering her spirit, her personal Angel, and insight. She also conducts retreats for couples to better understand themselves, the opposite sex and their relationships including addressing difficult issues like trauma, addiction, sexuality and intimacy.


  •  Amateur Bodybuilding Competitions 2000-2003
  • Beauty Competition 2003
  • Nor Easter Boating Magazine-Swimsuit Model 2003
  • Channel 22 Wilmington, DE Senior Fitness Show 2003
  • Venus and Hawaiian Tropic Swimsuit Competitions 2004
  • Elkton Arts Center Model 2004
  • Amateur Figure Competition 2005
  • News Journal Paper Health Section Interview published January 10th, 2006
  • Author of Angel Works: Soaring From Abuse to Love Forgiveness and Enlightenment August 2012
  • Cecil Whig article December 28, 2012
  • WDEL 1150 am 2013 Spiritual Guide on Saturdays Hotspot with Frank Gregory
  • Several interviews with Dallas Modeling Company
  • Honored as a Woman of P.O.W.E.R. Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized VIP Member and Outstanding Author visit here 
  • Empowering Professionals Magazine with CUTV News visit here 
  • Honored on TIMES SQUARE  Visit Press Release 
  • Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide
  • Empowered Woman of the Month of March 2017 with CUTV News
  • Broadcast on CUTV News 
  • Radio Shows with CUTV News 
  • Guest speaker on Fitness at Christian Love Worship Center in Philadelphia, PA. Lead a class exercise/stretch session
  • Guest speaker on Nutrition for women’s night at Bethany Baptist Church, Lindenwold, NJ
  • Guest speaker at Dade Behring (now Siemens) health seminar.
  • News Journal Health Fair
  • Worked at Ray of Hope Mission Center Intake Officer Port Deposit, MD
  • Speaker at Conowingo Elementary School for Ray of Hope’s mission; helping those less fortunate.
  • October 2010 Tantra Workshop NYC – The Divine Woman
  • Science of Mind Foundations Class
  • Temple of The Presence I AM
  • Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF)


  • N.P.T.I. National Personal Training Institute Certified Personal Trainer/Nutrition Consultant 2001-2002
  • PACE Instructed 2004
  • AFPA Weekend Seminar 2006
  • Current CPR Certified
  • Academy of Massage and Bodywork Certified 2008. Licensed 2009.
  • Thai Massage Certified through Vedic Conservatory with Michael (Mukti) Buck
  • Taught under Tantra teachers Charles Muir and Leah Alchin
  • Taught under sex therapists Susan Kaye, Ph.D and Tova Feder, Ph.D
  • Member of the Lightarian Institute
  • D.I.T.S. Dowell Institute of Theological Seminary Dr. of Christian Counseling 2015, Christian Coach 2016
  • Strategic Intervention Coach Training under Mark and Magali Peysha 2016
  • Lifetime Member of the American Institute of Holistic Health & Wellness – A Minds Inspired New Dynamics System, Holistic Alternative Psychology Master Counselor Association. Enlightening the World, One Person at a Time. 2016
  • Under the teachings of an indigenous American Indian Shaman since 2009


Barbara supports Hope For Vets. Please visit Kevin Taylor created it to help survivors of PTSD.

Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help them or concluded that you don’t care. Either case is a failure of leadership..” Colin Powell.