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Orgasmic Energy Without Touch

  Reaching and having an orgasm is much more than having one physically! THIS IS REAL!! There are thousands of people worldwide that know of this and have these types of experiences. In order for this to happen, first one needs to be willing to remove themselves from the bounds one has inside their own mind. One of the ways to do this is to first come to the realization that it has nothing to… Read More »Orgasmic Energy Without Touch

Groupon Deal Couples Relationship Coaching

In my couples coaching and relationship coaching the first session I see both people together. On second session I see one person. On third session I see other person. On fourth session I see both. From their I will assess as to when I will need to see both together or individually on a as needed basis. There will be assignments each person will need to do for themselves as well as the couple doing… Read More »Groupon Deal Couples Relationship Coaching