Ego and Lack of Growth in the Male Species

Ego and the lack of growth in the male species.

Why is it that men feel the need to hold on so tight to their egos? I have a few thoughts on this.

  1. Men’s fears of expressing self (this is huge)
  2. The innate of the need to protect self (ego)
  3. Fear of looking vulnerable/weak
  4. The worlds idea(s) of what a man looks like and their need to follow a world’s ideals

When men have these fears, known or unknown, they will inevitably hurt others, but the ONE person they hurt the most is their own self merely due to they simply refuse to allow to set aside their ego. This makes it extremely difficult to help them. Especially in an emotionally and Spiritual way. It doesn’t matter where one goes, who one sees, if one doesn’t receive healing from the emotional and spiritual aspect, one wont have ever lasting true change. The ego will still be there in one form or another. To live a fulfilling life, and I mean really fulfilling life filled with love, honor, respect, and truth at the center of our entire being, we need to have focus at the Spiritual and Emotional levels. THATS EVERLASTING! And THE ONLY WAY to everlasting change, in this life and beyond.

I’m on the man’s side when it comes to helping them beat whatever it is they need to conquer. I have the ability, care, and compassion and knowledge to help assist others, (men included) change!! I am much more than a massage therapist. My expertise is in the Spiritual. It is in feeling, sensing ones’s energy. Even the energy of the individual they would be talking about while in session. Of course this can depend on truthful they are being about what they discuss with me concerning other party. If they are allowing their own ego to get in the way (not speaking full truth of how THEY FEEL not just on what other person said or did), then we can get somewhere with me helping them. At the same time, if I’m going to assign homework to do to help them get from point A to point B, then it is important one follows through with advice. If one does not follow through with said advice, they have themselves to blame and no one else.

Men, if you want help in your relationships you must, absolutely must, open your heart and speak from it honestly. There is no other way to do it other then by doing that. If one partner has fear talking to their own partner then there something wrong here. Real relationships are open relationships where there is discussion about anything and everything so that the relationship can grow, thrive, and prosper. This does not have to be a never ending battle for you men. Times it feels for me

In Love and Light with Respect

Barbara Anne Rose

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