Retreat Faq’s

Will anyone know I’ve contacted you?

All correspondence in any format – phone calls, emails, texts, voicemails, and visits – is considered privileged communication and therefore kept strictly confidential.

I have a concern that is not addressed on your site and I’m not sure if I should contact you?

Barbara has listed a wide array of topics for discussion. It is not an all inclusive one. If your concern is related to personal development, accepting yourself, getting along with others, one of her retreats will fit your needs. Barbara also offers: email coaching, Life Relationship Coaching, Spiritual guidance and mentoring programs. Please visit coaching page for more information regarding these options.

I’m allergic to pets. Do you have pets in your studio?


I don’t live in the area, but would like to attend your retreats?

You have a few options.

  1. You may choose to utilize Barbara’s other services listed above offered through coaching page
  2. You may purchase her book, Angel Works and/or
  3. Fly out
I will be flying out to attend your retreat. Will you be able to pick me up at the airport?

Sorry, Barbara does not provide chauffeur service.

How do I go about signing up for a retreat?

Please go to registration page to sign-up process.

My work schedule makes it difficult for me to plan ahead of time. How can I set something up?

If you are not able to reserve an entire weekend for a retreat you may consider a variety of her other services. Interest in personal development such as coaching, counseling, and mentorship programs are available. Visit coaching page

Do you see couples?

Yes, ALL retreats are for couples only. 

If I sign up for a retreat do I have to be there the entire time?

It is highly recommended you be present for the entire retreat so you are able to learn everything Miss Rose has to teach. Missing one day can affect you’re learning on the other days. No discounts for missing days.

How much does this cost? How do you accept payment?

Please contact Miss Rose to discuss fees. Spiritual and Emotional Healing uses PayPal and Square to accept payments.

Will I be provided a receipt?

Your CC payment serves as receipt. Deposit is expected to book a retreat. FULL payment must be made shortly after your arrival and prior to retreat starting. 

What do you do during the Divine Touch Massage Retreat?

Miss Rose created her Divine Touch service in 2009. She teaches you and your partner on how to give and receive this type of work. Her role is to facilitate interaction with your partner. She serves as a guiding presence and not necessarily an inter-active one.  Miss Rose teaches and coaches you through them. Please also see services page.

Divine Touch Massage Faq’s

What do I need to do for my first Session?

If you practice any form of meditation, please continue your practice. While in your meditation ask your higher self what it is that you need to most learn now. This will set an intention for you as well as Miss Rose. If you do not practice meditation come with an open mind, ready to learn more about your own self. Do not come with expectations based on what you may read on the internet or in a video on YouTube about Tantra. There is a lot of misguided information out there. Not all information is accurate and can be skewed by western ego centered thinking. The point of receiving Tantra work is that the practitioner facilitates through his/her use of touch on the client’s body in such a way that offers the client a new way to see, hear, feel, and know their own body. Rather than looking at parts of our bodies as somehow separate. Practitioner works on helping client know more of who they are: the physical, mental, emotional, and most importantly their own individualized Spirit. 

Why Book a 90-Minute Massage

When you purchase an hour session in a salon, you will typically receive 50 minutes instead of the full 60 because of time to change sheets, wash hands and use restroom. Most likely you will not receive the full dedication to all body parts. Read More…

What are you Hours of Availability?

Monday – Friday 9am-8:30 pm

Saturdays – 9-5 pm

Sundays – Closed

Where are you located?

Houston, Delaware 19954

How do I schedule? What is your cancellation policy?

All clients are required to pay a non-refundable minimum deposit of $100 using a major credit card – Visa, MC or Discover, PayPal link, or an invoice from Square will be sent. For the convenience of credit card usage a 3% fee is added. Clients are required to fill out a health form upon arising.

Spiritual and Emotional Healing enforces a cancelation policy. If we do not hear from you 24 hrs in advance of the day and time of your scheduled appointment a $35 fee is incurred on traditional services and a $100 fee for Divine Touch service. FULL payment is expected when 24 hrs is not adhered to on all massage services. There are no exceptions. Failure to make payment will result in termination.

If you reschedule within one week your deposit is secure. If a cancel is requested a second time, deposit can not be used for a future appointment. Remainder of payment is expected at time of session. Once day, time and length of session is agreed upon please take care of deposit. Respect rates. Do not attempt to treat services as a yard sale. Miss Rose does not barter her services.

Tipping is appreciated but not expected. Tipping shows your appreciation. It says:

• Thank you, You went above and beyond stated service.

• You performed this service exceptionally well.

• Tipping is a token of gratitude for the benefits the patron enjoy

What is your protocol in regards to texts? Can I schedule this way?

Only established clients may schedule through text. If a reader should find Spiritual and Emotional Healing’s number on the internet, please note that unfamiliar or blocked numbers will be disregarded. This is due to scammers, spammers, and those who attempt to entrap. All new clients are required to connect via contact form FIRST before scheduling in another manner. Text is for established clients and meant solely for appointment scheduling, rescheduling, or cancelling. If something is troubling you, causing confusion, a phone call is in order.

Do you take same day appointments?

Yes, however new clients are recommended to allow a 24 hr notice. Confirmed appointments take priority.

How far in advance do I need to schedule?

24 – 48 hours notice is usually sufficient. Same day appointments are an option for current clients only.

What are your draping requirements?

Draping is required and you may undress to your comfort level.

Do you have a shower facility I can use before or after appointment?

Yes, Please inform Miss Rose when scheduling.

What is the difference between your Spirit style and Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is the most basic massage one can receive. It is soft to medium pressure. No stretching. Spirit style is very similar to Esalen as it uses long flowing strokes all around the body. Very rhythmic, like a dance and may include stretching, thai, TPR, myofascial, etc. A variety of techniques may be used as Miss Rose is intuitively guided.

Do you offer Goddess Worship?

No. If you have interest in learning about how to worship your partner, consider signing up for Miss Rose’s Couple’s Divine Touch Massage 1,2, or 3 day Retreat. Go here

Are there things I should know before my session?
  • Come with an attitude of respect
  • Drop expectations, judgments, and be willing to go beyond the limitations of who you think you are.
  • Drop expectations and judgments as to what to expect from sessions as each person that comes has different visions, dreams, desires, issues, questions regarding their own life. This is about YOUR soul.
  • Have a sincere desire to enter the mysteries of this ceremony and be willing to dive deep into yourself.
  • Enter Miss Rose’s temple with an open heart and a beginners mind.
  • Remove shoes prior to entering Miss Rose’s space.
What should I expect during / from the session?

You can expect a very caring and loving session. When you schedule with an open mind you will feel love move through her hands onto and in your body. The work she does can effect you on a deep level and remove trauma(s) from the body. We suggest READING THE TESTIMONIALS.  Miss Rose has been involved in this work for over 12 years so she is quite capable of helping you in your journey.

How should I treat Miss Rose throughout the session?

Miss Rose is a Coach, Healer, Guide and Therapist. She is here to guide and support you in your life. Due to sensitive nature some clients hire her for, under no circumstances shall client ask questions sexual in nature at any time. 

How many sessions should I receive before noticing any benefits?

Most feel and receive benefit in first session. It is individualized. We suggest you consider purchasing a package. Please contact her for more details. Like seeing a traditional therapist or starting an exercise routine you need to be committed to a practice for a duration of time before noticing its full rewards.