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No one knows the answers to everything. Not religion. No sacred book. No priest, pastor or leader of some spiritual or religious group. If any person or organization thinks they do, they are mistakenly wrong. It’s all really up for interpretation anyway. Best bet is to keep life simple. Be kind. Treat others with respect and dignity. Honor and respect your elders. Doesn’t matter if you are religious, spiritual, gnostic, agnostic, or atheist. There is so much out there that is just BS. There are many paths to GOD. One is no more right than another. We can all have our own beliefs. It’s our FREE WILL.

My thoughts are that Jesus didn’t mean literally through him but by the Spirit that lies within ALL of us that we are to follow. Spirit guided. Not Jesus guided. All humans have a Spirit within them or else we’d be dead with the remnants of skin, bone, and flesh. Spirit lives on for forever. It is only the body that withers away and dies. According to Jesus in the Bible he stated that we are like him and that even we can do all things and more than he did on earth. He invited us to go within ourselves, our Spirit. This same Spirit energy that’s within us was also within Jesus. That’s where the power resides. IT IS WITHIN US. We’re not inviting Jesus inside our heart. We are inviting his teachings inside our heart and those teachings are about being kind to all of our brothers and sisters that we share earth with.

Did you know that Krishna means Christ? All of the great Master Teachers taught the same thing: Love through Kindness, Forgiveness, Service to one another no matter where they came from, what their sexual identity is, what culture they are, etc, etc, It is always about being going within to the LOVE that is WHO WE ARE. But because sin and losing sight of who we truly are is why the Great Master Teachers came to help mankind. These teachers come from all over many lands. Therefore many teachers. Jesus just happens to be one of them. So is Krishna. So is the Buddha. There has been one main teacher in all nations and those teachings get passed down generationally. But the thing is, a lot of the teachings  have been misunderstood and man decided he wanted to take over and control how in which those teachings are delivered and which ones to deliver as there is known that there are books in the Bible that have been left out. Man chose to leave them out. There is no ONE TEACHER.

Men who have claimed to heard God’s word, we don’t really know. I’m not going to take words at face value just because he/she thinks I should. One really can’t debate with a Christian because they are more often than not very head strong into believing every single word wrote in the Bible as 100% fact. If one were to read it very closely they will find many contradictions. Are there many similarities? Yes for sure. But also contradictions. It would be like I tell you a story and you tell my story to another and they tell that story to another and so on. By the end, the story ends differently than how it started.

BTW, the whole saving people could be talked about until the end of existence of all of mankind now and in the future. Instead of bickering and trying to tell the truth about something we honestly just do not know we should be accepting of ones Spiritual beliefs whatever those beliefs are and not try stuffing down others throats that our way is better or more right than the other. Jesus didn’t teach us to bicker one against the other like religions do. Wars have been started due to religious beliefs. Wars between people. Wars between countries. Wars between nations. Fallen or not fallen. Someone can say I’ve fallen. I could say the other person has fallen while both people claiming the other has fallen does NOTHING that even remotely resemble JESUS CHRIST’s TEACHINGS. Jesus may have been the only Master that was murdered (that we are even aware of bc dear ones we have no solid proof of another great master teacher that has died in the same way Jesus did. Buddha Ascended. Krishna Ascended.

As it comes to suffering there is not a simple answer as the answers go beyond deep for us to comprehend. If one can’t even get out of their own mind to think deeper about such things than I think they are the lost ones. To be open is to be Spiritually open.

There is truth in every religion. And there are untruths in every religion. No religion makes one better than the other just because Jesus happens to be the one who was murdered and rose again.

There are good books out there that I think would be good for everyone to take some worthy time to read. I shared it on a FB post once. Interestingly not one person acknowledged it as a post. And it was written by a CHRISTIAN. I’ve known and believe in Jesus my entire life! This book opened my eyes to see more clearly about the gifts humans have been given that there being other religions alive other than Christianity. At the end of the day, it would serve ALL to take a good hard look in the mirror to see where in our life today we could do and be better. At same time giving ourselves a high 5 for good we’ve done. I think Jesus would smile at us for that! ?Since late 2009 I have been under the teachings of an Angel in Human form. There are no words in the English language for me to describe the knowledge I have received from these teachings. Even Christians fight against other Christians because of different beliefs. Not all Christians believe a hell exists. Not all Christians believe that demons exist. They think it’s a fragment of ones imagination. Well if one thinks demons are a fragment of ones imagination the same goes true for those that think Jesus is a fragment of ones imagination. It’s impossible for it to not go both ways!! Everyone has their own opinion. Sometimes that ‘opinion’ is accurate. Sometimes it is not.

Having an open mind is about ones mind being open about Spiritual matters. When it doesn’t fit into our dogma(s) that’s when listening really should be serving it’s purpose. Spirituality is quite simple and complex. There is complexity in ITS simplicity. To make it simple, it boils down to vibrational energy.

One fact: we are all connected to a Universal Consciousness of energy. Like it or not. And yes Jesus does reach about this. The good and the bad because we can’t separate energy. We can’t tear or rip a piece of energy away from its own self. When Jesus so called died he became even more powerful and alive due to his great love for all of mankind. PURE LOVE is the highest vibration of all. One can’t say I love you and then attack the other person for what their beliefs are. Remember when Jesus said to love our enemies? He wasn’t kidding around. When religious people (doesn’t matter what religion one follows) argue and bicker over I’m right You’re wrong, well then they’re NOT following their great teachers teachings! Period!!

Just because someone doesn’t follow Jesus doesn’t mean they are automatically following satan. That’s just idiotic and ridiculous to think that, let alone believe it. Thats the ego ruling. Anyway, a book I recommend is

“Love Without End: Jesus Speaks” by Glenda Green

Love Without End: Jesus Speaks…

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