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Couples Life and Relationship Coaching with Barbara Anne Rose

In my couples coaching and relationship coaching the first session I see both people together. On second session I see one person. On third session I see other person. On fourth session I see both. From their I will assess as to when I will need to see both together or individually on a as needed basis. There will be assignments each person will need to do for themselves as well as the couple doing assignments together to help you in your relationship. 

All aspects of a relationship are important. That being said, I am capable of helping couples within all aspects of a relationship. This includes but is not limited to: 




Having our needs met

Why aren’t our needs being met?

Learning how to love again 

The Beauty of kissing 


Scared Space 


If you are interested in helping yourself and your relationship move, grow, thrive, above where you currently are, then by all means reach out to me through the contact form on this site.

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I look forward to helping as many as I can.

In Love and Light,  

Barbara Anne Rose 

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