Let’s Take a Look at Words

Outside of using words to express ourselves, have you ever thought of words? The word itself? To look at it. To feel it. To hear it? Have you ever even thought to see words from a different angle and perspective? Words can be a funny thing! Ha ha he he. We use them to make jokes. We use them to play games. We use them when we grimace our face and say silly and weird things. We play with words. We fight with words. We make love with words. Words can be our greatest ally and our biggest enemy. How do we use words in our day to day life? At home? At work? With our children? With our friends? Our spouses? Do you have a different facial expression based on who and what you are saying? Have you taken a closer look at who these people are and what the circumstances are around the scenario? Maybe we’ll laugh at ourself when we realize how insane we can sometimes be. OR how insanely funny we can be.

I enjoy looking at life, at things from a different angle than I’m normally looking at. It’s refreshing to get of myself and see things in a different light. Even if when I see things in a different light that may not show its light on my personality as being “good”. We all have our “good” and “bad” side to us. The dark and the light. The ying and the yang.

Soooo……without further ado, let me show you a word or two and what I have noticed. Let’s take a look at the word LIVE. Did you know that the word live spelled backwards is EVIL? Interesting. I wonder why. Have you ever thought why this may be so? Here’s my take. When we come into this life, live it, we come across evil things. Sometimes we come across evil people. For sure, we hear about evil things on the news. But do you really think (I doubt it) that to lie life, we’re supposed to be succumbed to evil things? I’m not writing this article to put a dampen on anyones’ life. I’m just stating what I’ve noticed. That this word “LIVE” is spelled “EVIL” backwards. It just makes me think about the word as a whole.

Now let’s take a look at the word LOVE. Love isn’t a full word spelled backwards but this is what we’ve got; EVOL. I took it upon myself to add 2 letters at the end of this word. But these two letters are still a part of the word. These letters are “e”and “v”. As you can see they are at the front of the word. Let’s take these two letters and flip them adding them to the end of the word. Now here we have the word EVOLVE. For sure I would trust that all of us are evolving as we go through life. As we live life. We can evolve through the evils that may come our way or even if we ourselves have caused harm to others. Evil, in my opinion is a hard word for people to accept. It sounds so harsh. Even the word evil sounds evil. It probably may bring forth thoughts that are not pleasant about another person or ourself. We all know we are not perfect. Being not perfect doesn’t mean we’re evil people. If we are evolving are we also at the same time raising our vibrations? When we evolve are we growing as individuals? Moving past things that no longer serve us? What does the word LOVE and EVOLVE mean to you? What do you feel, see, hear, smell, and know as it concerns these two words?

E – Enlighten

V – Victory

O – Organize

L – Love

V – Victim

E – Expand

As we enlighten ourselves we claim victory of the old. And so we will choose to organize our life in way that matches. We will then love ourself more, not victimize self then grow to expand to a higher place. And the circle continues to turn. Enlighten more. Reach another level of victory. Organize again. Love again. Realize a victim mentality and choose to expand from that again. And so on and so on. Such as life. Such as to live in this embodiment of a physical body. Constantly in LIVE mode. Constantly in EVOLVE mode.


In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose


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