Building Stronger Bonds

Our Methodology

We help others with crucial and sensitive aspects of their relationships. We believe in helping people deconstruct dis-empowering beliefs. Creating new healthy behavior patterns is key for change.

Coaching is an active, engaged process that requires one to invest their time, effort, and resources. Mental and emotional effort is required and one needs to be emotionally stable. We use both spiritual and clinical therapies. We focus on spiritual, mental, and emotional well being regardless of religious background.

Challenge your beliefs

Take action to challenge yourself and partner and deconstruct disempowering beliefs

Learn about your partner

Learn about creating inner peace and harmony, why men crave women, and much more

Gain a fresh perspective

On your life, your partner, friends, and loved ones

Solve relationship problems

Overcome perfectionism, lack of intimacy, unfaithfulness, and other issues

Improve your communication

Learn how to talk to your partner and communicate effectively

Ignite your passion

Learn about sacred sexuality, intimacy, how to give and receive massage, and sensuality

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Best For Checking In
1 Hour
Individual Session


$444 / month

Weekly Coaching
1 Hour a Week
4 Weeks

3 Month

$1300 / 3 months

Best Value
1 Hour a Week
12 Weeks

Over Zoom or the phone