Male Society at Large

There are times in this work, actually to many times, I am finding men simply do not know how to interact with the female population, let alone a female professional.

Dear God, I pray for men to WAKE UP!!!! I never thought I would have to actually teach a male how to treat another female (me included of course because that is where I draw my major experiences) how to speak with respect and professionalism towards me and other professional women. I am open to admit: I GET TIRED OF IT. Seriously. There shouldn’t even be the need to have this BLOG, this discussion….at all. But it is sad, because it is true. This, in fact, is something extremely important that needs to be said.

The majority of men HAVE NO BALLS! The only balls they seem to care about are the one’s between their legs and the tiny third eye pineal gland in between their eyes. Everyone has two eyes to see and two ears to hear. But you gotta actually use them! You have to think of the other person you are talking to when you open your mouth.

MEN: when you talk to a professional it’s your duty to speak to them professionally. She is not your girlfriend, your wife, your mistress, your whatever. Speaking to a professional woman is NOT the place to be using words like:




Hey Sexy

Your hot

Can you send me pictures

Believe me, I’m not the only professional woman or massage therapist that experiences such immature behavior from the opposite sex. And you men wonder why your girlfriend/wife/partner turns against the entire male population and seeks a ¬†female companion. So many times, over time, (because time does tell the truth and character of a person), men who think they know how to respect women, don’t know. So to say the least, coming across a real gentleman who does have real respect for women, is rare! I’m going to be conservative and give a percentage based on the USA, because this is the land in which I live, 10 -15 % of men have a real respect for women. That’s 85 – 90% that don’t. I have heard from my married women clients explain experiences that happen in their marriage which give way to their husband not being respectful towards them. Even when a couple is married, it doesn’t give the man ownership of their wife to do whatever he wants with no regard as to what or how his wife’s wants, needs, desires are. No still means NO; married, boyfriend/girlfriend, or not. Respect is respect at all times. Not just when the male feels like it. And most definitely it’s not when the male is pushing his dick up her butt or grabbing her by the waist from behind and grinding your pelvis into her. THATS NOT RESPECT!

Marriage is about partnership. Not ownership. She is not your slave. She is not your hired cook or cleaner. When you sign that piece of paper that says your married it’s not a paper signing “Now you’re mine and I get to do whatever I want to you.” Nor is it a subtle kind of ownership where you, the male, may think, the male’s word goes and the woman’s doesn’t. Partnership actually requires two people communicating over all things that can impact the marriage, the relationship. However one shouldn’t have to ‘get permission’ to do something or go somewhere. But I think it’s good manners to let your mate know at the very least, “Honey, I’m going to the food store. I’ll be back in about 2 hrs. Is there anything you need?”

I’m here as a Life Relationship Coach to teach men exactly what to do and not do when it comes to learning how to love, honor, and respect a woman. Please don’t assume you know-how guys. I heard a long time ago, from a man by the way, that the man needs to be taught by a woman how to treat a woman in this way. Too many times the females in that male child’s life, wasn’t there or didn’t teach him proper ways to treat a female.

Sooooo, don’t forget I, Barbara Anne Rose, IS actually here to help you!!


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