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Our massages are done intuitively

We offer a variety of massages to fit your needs. With 12+ years of experience in massage, we know how to help our clients relax, unwind, re-energize, and feel alive. Whether its a relaxing Swedish or a soothing Spirit or Thai massage, we’ll release stress from your mind and body.

Swedish Massage

$100 – 60 min / $140 – 90 min
Basic relaxation using long flowing strokes working front and back of arms and legs, feet, back and neck

Thai Bodywork

$150 – 90 min
Involves lying on a Thai mat in a passive state. The practitioner leads the stretching while the recipient remains passive. Many of the stretches involve holding and pressing patterns using both hands and feet. This style of massage allows the practitioner to work many areas of the body and releases physical, emotional and mental distress. It is an amazing piece of art virtually anyone can receive

Divine Touch Retreat

Please visit retreats page for more information about this retreat specifically created for couples. Barbara thoroughly enjoys helping couples learn how to give massage to each other. It is held in a safe, cozy, country like setting in your choice of 1,2, or 3 days. Room and board is covered.

Barbara finds in this day and age with so much changing going on in the world, it is IMPERATIVE (and actually her passion) to help marriages. This can only happen for those who are ready, willing, and BRAVE enough to do what it takes to make their own selves change so they can then see change occur in their marriage. 

Barbara works best with monogamous, same sex married couples. 

Spirit Massage

$130 – 60 min / $180 – 90 min
Similar to Esalen in style, it uses long flowing strokes that feels like a rhythmic dance. Strokes are a mix of light, medium, and heavy pressure. Passive stretching is usually included. This massage is extremely soothing and our most popular!

Check out a demonstration of our massages!

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