Orgasmic Energy Without Touch


Reaching and having an orgasm is much more than having one physically! THIS IS REAL!! There are thousands of people worldwide that know of this and have these types of experiences. In order for this to happen, first one needs to be willing to remove themselves from the bounds one has inside their own mind. One of the ways to do this is to first come to the realization that it has nothing to do with anything sexual or religious. Religion often keeps humans bound to certain beliefs. These beliefs constrain us to thinking we should believe there is a certain set way to experience something; such as what our minds are surrounded by around sexuality. No religion should be saying they KNOW this or that about anything really, but when it comes to sexuality they are only going by what their highest religious ‘leader’ says. Too many religions are based on a patriarchal system where the man is above a woman, yet IT IS WOMAN that brings forth life. Carries within her womb, all children into this world. Therefore, it is woman that has the higher energy to be in touch with the one of all of ALL CREATION. Man can and is in touch with creation. But it is not through his genitals. He has no creation energy because he has not a womb for a child to grow inside him. His only purpose as it comes to the creating of a baby, is his sperm. And women don’t even need a part of his body to enter her because sperm can be frozen and saved for later. Women’s eggs can also be frozen and saved for later. But in order for the sperm to get inside the woman to meet an egg, it MUST be inserted in one form or another.

So, let’s get talking back about orgasmic energy WITHOUT touch.

Both men and women do have the capability to reach higher energetic states of orgasmic energy without touching any if the sexual parts of their body. It starts within one’s mind! In my opinion it is music that takes one there. Music is songs of Angels. Music that is of a higher vibrational tone. Tones, keys, the higher they are, the higher it effects the humans’ vibrational system called chakras. Every human being has numerous energy centers called Chakras in the body that vibrate and spin along the spine and in every major and minor joint. Joints connect muscle to bone. Ligaments attach bone to bone. Event hough the joints that connect muscle to bone is where energy centers are and these energy centers vibrate, it is when they vibrate, they also affect anything surrounding it, such as the ligaments as well. That being said, a human beings ENTIRE body is one vibrating source. Consciousness vibrates. Or else it wouldn’t be what it is. We can not have one without the other. If we are going to be wanting to experience an orgasmic energy, well then we better want to become more in touch with this energy. We must want to if we want to have such an experience, removing one’s self from it’s own constraints. Reaching higher states of feeling, knowing, seeing, hearing, touching, and taste. There comes a point we go beyond the physical, pass through the emotional and memory body into the spiritual. Like anything else in Life that we want to see accomplished, it requires time, dedication, and commitment. We may have set backs but it doesn’t mean we give up.

Here is an article a client of mine found and sent me. Have fun reading!!!


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