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Divine Touch Massage Retreat

We teach couples how to give and receive mutual touch in a respectful, honoring way. She teaches couples on how to give and receive massage. The act of touching our partner gives sustenance. It gives life. In this retreat couples are given guided meditations to help them enter a relaxed state so that information can be retained when learning and practicing massage techniques.

What you’ll learn

The positive changes that will affect your life by attending this retreat will impact your relationship in extraordinary ways.


Relational Communication Retreat

Whether it is the need to up the notch or an all out HELP ME PLEASE, we’re here to help you throw the facades away, center into your heart where you hold care and compassion.
A lot of people have forgotten to be honest while still holding true to ourselves. Honesty comes with being courageous to be honest with self first. We can help find it for you, with you. We can have a difference of opinion that IS in Harmony. Our point is not the only one just because it’s our idea. We need to allow the other to have a perspective other than our own. When we resolve we then have wholeness. Don’t become attached or entertained to the other’s wrongs or your grievances. Stop the self-illusion.
We’ll help you stop the arguments, grievances, and wrong doings. We pay attention to what each person is speaking, their tone of voice, body language, and eye movement.
This retreat is specific on how you relate to others while still holding true to who you really are.


Intensive Couples Retreat

This retreat is for those who have come to a breaking point where each person in the relationship understands that they will need to face their fears in order to help themselves and the broken relationship they have with their partner.
We’re not here to ‘make’ another person change without they themselves wanting to change. One must come for self and the relationship rather than to ‘fix’ their partner. For example: someone has cheated and both want to work at gaining trust back so that they can live together harmoniously.
It includes a variety of modalities based upon what is addressed with us. For example: polarity, deep tissue, energy work, massage. This involves both talk and touch therapy. We use both clinical and holistic modalities and directs couple on assignments/exercises.
Couples will find themselves excited, eager, and determined to embrace change! If what you are reading resonates contact us today.


Sexuality and Intimacy Retreat

Hey you couples!! Are you missing intimacy in your life? Are you a man that feels like he’s dying on the inside because your wife isn’t hugging, cuddling, or kissing you, doesn’t want or even care to have sex with you?! There IS an underlying cause!!
Women, do you feel alone because your needs aren’t being met? Has your husband stopped listening to you? There IS a reason.
It’s important to talk about what’s happening and what’s NOT happening. We help couples in all kinds of situations but it’s sad that some aren’t willing to break down out of their ego (yes women, you too). It’s important for us to be willing and ready to face our fears or else success won’t happen. Is success what YOU want? Seek help by registering today.
We will delve deep into sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and lack of intimacy. We will learn about it from a psychological and energetic level. We’ll help you assess your needs individually and as a couple.
Sexuality and intimacy is often misunderstood due to the bombardment of the way media proliferates it. Body language, music, art, dance, touch and voice communication are taught and experienced during this retreat to enhance intimacy with your partner. Various meditations will help couple access their full power.


The Best Experience Ever!

We’re sure you’ll enjoy your stay. The experience you and your partner have on your retreat will help you grow both as individuals and as a couple.
Whether you’re having communication issues, sexual frustration, feeling distanced from your partner, or just want to spice up your relationship – we have a retreat for you!
All retreats purchased are for minimum 1 day up to 3 days. Cost is $1,500 per day. It covers room and board for both people. Barbara’s undivided attention and work caters to one couple at a time.
All retreats require a deposit once registration is accepted. We’ll interview you over phone or Zoom and give out a questionnaire so we can learn about you and your partner. Our goal is for you both to reach your goals for the retreat by the end of the stay.
If you have questions please refer to the registration page and please contact us.


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