Bob Gryszka
An Experience

I have had the honor & pleasure of being with Barbara 5 times now and every time has been a unique, wonderfully amazing experience. And that is what seeing this beautiful woman exactly is. AN EXPERIENCE!! She is kind, friendly, smart, honest & very talented at all she does. I have had a few different sessions with her so I can honestly say…There is no one on this planet like her. I thank you Barbara for always making our sessions special & moments I will never EVER forget.


Barbara greets you with her captivating eyes and a smile that you know comes from within her soul. She invites you to enter the place where your blissful journey will take place. Barbara is the gatekeeper to this place of sanctuary where you will immediately know is what you have been seeking. A place to surrender your body to comfort and joy. You will disrobe and lay upon a massage table that is the Magic Carpet for your travel to happiness and bliss. Closing your eyes to the sound of relaxing music Barbara begins to slowly anoint you with oil. With her graceful body movements and gentle touch you feel as if you are weightless and floating. It as if she has enveloped your entire body with hers. You both are one. She uses all of herself so you will feel that connection. This is a journey that will end with you in a state of euphoria.

An Amazing Woman

I just had my first massage session with Barbara. Previously I had seen two other massage therapists but their technique was mechanical and I’m sure the same for each client and each massage. I didn’t feel any real concern from them. Barbara on the other hand is one of the most caring people I’ve ever known. As I entered she soothed my nervousness with true warmth and caring. I didn’t even have to talk! She did all the talking for me making me relax with her grace and humor. The massage was wonderful. She has this intuitive gift which knows where your stress and tension are and in my case where some hurt was gently bringing it to the surface along with feelings I had repressed for years. I felt totally relaxed and peaceful afterwards.

Guys, ladies and couples, please give her a try. You won’t regret it except to wish you had found her sooner!

Bob G.

I was finally able to get down to De to see a true goddess. It has been 4 years since I have seen Barbara a few different reasons but the memory of being in her presence before stirred up what I can only de-scribe as relaxed excitement, for when you are with her she relaxes you & the excitement i felt in just knowing i would be with her again was incredible. I had the honor & pleasure of doing a 2.5 hr session. Everything her add says she is that & more. Her flawless beauty, her comforting smile & her personality is wonderful. She truly makes u feel like you are the only person on earth. Her touch is like velvet. You hear the term going to paradise, well a session with Barbara is exactly that. I will be back. THANK YOU GODDESS OF THE ROSE.


I sought out a healing massage a few years ago when I was suddenly handed the responsibility of caregiver for my partner after she became ill. The months of this left me drained, spiritually and physically. At one point in a session Barbara was at my feet holding my legs, something happened that I can not really put into words. It felt almost electric as an energy transfer happened. I could feel her strength flood my body. A wave of warmth, love and understanding washed over me. That moment is something I will never forget. The original intent was to do something for me. The surprise is that the sessions benefited both myself and my partner as I had a renewed energy, spiritually and physically.

I believe that Barbara is blessed with a true power and that for a moment she shared it with me.

Felt at Ease

Barbara was great, very relaxing and intense, but intense in a good way. I was nervous at first, but she was so easy going that it was very easy to relax and talk to her, and i felt very much at ease. She had a nice personality too, and after our session i felt very light, as though a great weight had been lifted from me, and also very free of tension and stress. I would highly recommend her!

New Service

Being too far to travel to see Barbara as often as I would like, the time I did have the honor of being in this amazing woman’s presence was a day I will never forget. Seeing that Barbara now offers a new service: Spirit Voice Massage, I had to try it and although nothing can compare to seeing Barbara in person, her talents extend beyond my wildest dreams. Her calm sultry voice took me on a journey and had me doing and imagining so many different visions. I experienced many emotions. It was almost like being with her. Like the experience I had being with her.

This was an afternoon I will never forget. Barbara is kind, very smart and very beautiful. A true goddess. Try this new service you will enjoy it !!



Let me first start by saying Barbara made me feel so loved, so cared about. From the moment I walked in, I truly felt loved. Your massage was so well taken by me. At no time was a nervous or embarrassed. Thank you so much! I can not wait to see you again in a couple days. I look forward to working with you on a regular basis.


I found the goddess to be a guide. Taking me, leading me to places that have always existed, but never visited.

The goddess guide is a journey to experiencing a vast range of sensations, tactile first, but many, many others, I simply have not embraced before. Barbara generated sensations that felt as if they came from within, to be sensed as they passed outwards through my skin, although their source were her body outside and upon mine.

I felt such an empathy…this gift she has, that passed into me. Slowly, steadily, the spirit of her hands permitted me to let go. Old memories of repressed sensuality came forth, and were now celebrated. I no longer had five senses, but could not say if I had but one, or infinite, so unified and complex I felt at once.

I have been changed.

Universal Energies

Hi Barb, I’m taking a little break from my afternoon of studying, and I was thinking of you and wanted to say ‘THANK YOU!’ When I first asked about coming back to see you for massage, I was not sure how you would react. I’m very glad that I did, because you truly have a rare gift. Honestly, I don’t know how you have the energy, but when you massage me, the rest of the universe disappears.

Better yet, it is as if you channel all of the good energy in the universe and conduct it through your hands and body, and are able to restore me to 100%. Your sense of what I need is incredible, and out of this world.

So, thank you for being you!