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An Experience

I have had the honor & pleasure of being with Barbara 5 times now and every time has been a unique, wonderfully amazing experience. And that is what seeing this beautiful woman exactly is. AN EXPERIENCE!! She is kind, friendly, smart, honest & very talented at all she does. I have had a few different sessions with her so I can honestly say…There is no one on this planet like her. I thank you Barbara for always making our sessions special & moments I will never EVER forget. #53 – bob gryszka – 09/21/2016 


Barbara greets you with her captivating eyes and a smile that you know comes from within her soul. She invites you to enter the place where your blissful journey will take place. Barbara is the gatekeeper to this place of sanctuary where you will immediately know is what you have been seeking. A place to surrender your body to comfort and joy. You will disrobe and lay upon a massage table that is the Magic Carpet for your travel to happiness and bliss. Closing your eyes to the sound of relaxing music Barbara begins to slowly anoint you with oil. With her graceful body movements and gentle touch you feel as if you are weightless and floating. It as if she has enveloped your entire body with hers. You both are one. She uses all of herself so you will feel that connection. This is a journey that will end with you in a state of euphoria. #52 – Mike – 09/05/2016 

An Amazing Woman

I just had my first massage session with Barbara. Previously I had seen two other massage therapists but their technique was mechanical and I’m sure the same for each client and each massage. I didn’t feel any real concern from them. Barbara on the other hand is one of the most caring people I’ve ever known. As I entered she soothed my nervousness with true warmth and caring. I didn’t even have to talk! She did all the talking for me making me relax with her grace and humor. The massage was wonderful. She has this intuitive gift which knows where your stress and tension are and in my case where some hurt was gently bringing it to the surface along with feelings I had repressed for years. I felt totally relaxed and peaceful afterwards.

Guys, ladies and couples, please give her a try. You won’t regret it except to wish you had found her sooner! #51 – Bob – 11/18/2014 


I was finally able to get down to De to see a true goddess. It has been 4 years since I have seen Barbara a few different reasons but the memory of being in her presence before stirred up what I can only de-scribe as relaxed excitement, for when you are with her she relaxes you & the excitement i felt in just knowing i would be with her again was incredible. I had the honor & pleasure of doing a 2.5 hr session. Everything her add says she is that & more. Her flawless beauty, her comforting smile & her personality is wonderful. She truly makes u feel like you are the only person on earth. Her touch is like velvet. You hear the term going to paradise, well a session with Barbara is exactly that. I will be back. THANK YOU GODDESS OF THE ROSE. #50 – Bob.G – 08/07/2014 


I sought out a healing massage a few years ago when I was suddenly handed the responsibility of caregiver for my partner after she became ill. The months of this left me drained, spiritually and physically. At one point in a session Barbara was at my feet holding my legs, something happened that I can not really put into words. It felt almost electric as an energy transfer happened. I could feel her strength flood my body. A wave of warmth, love and understanding washed over me. That moment is something I will never forget. The original intent was to do something for me. The surprise is that the sessions benefited both myself and my partner as I had a renewed energy, spiritually and physically.

I believe that Barbara is blessed with a true power and that for a moment she shared it with me. #49 – Bill – 10/09/2013

Felt at Ease

Barbara was great, very relaxing and intense, but intense in a good way. I was nervous at first, but she was so easy going that it was very easy to relax and talk to her, and i felt very much at ease. She had a nice personality too, and after our session i felt very light, as though a great weight had been lifted from me, and also very free of tension and stress. I would highly recommend her! JJ #48 – Janice – 07/01/2013


Being too far to travel to see Barbara as often as I would like, the time I did have the honor of being in this amazing woman’s presence was a day I will never forget. Seeing that Barbara now offers a new service: Spirit Voice Massage, I had to try it and although nothing can compare to seeing Barbara in person, her talents extend beyond my wildest dreams. Her calm sultry voice took me on a journey and had me doing and imagining so many different visions. I experienced many emotions. It was almost like being with her. Like the experience I had being with her.

This was an afternoon I will never forget. Barbara is kind, very smart and very beautiful. A true goddess. Try this new service you will enjoy it !!

THANK YOU BARBARA!. #47 – Bob – 04/30/2013 


Let me first start by saying Barbara made me feel so loved, so cared about. From the moment I walked in, I truly felt loved. Your massage was so well taken by me. At no time was a nervous or embarrassed. Thank you so much! I can not wait to see you again in a couple days. I look forward to working with you on a regular basis. #46 – Aundria – 02/16/2013 


I found the goddess to be a guide. Taking me, leading me to places that have always existed, but never visited.

The goddess guide is a journey to experiencing a vast range of sensations, tactile first, but many, many others, I simply have not embraced before. Barbara generated sensations that felt as if they came from within, to be sensed as they passed outwards through my skin, although their source were her body outside and upon mine.

I felt such an empathy…this gift she has, that passed into me. Slowly, steadily, the spirit of her hands permitted me to let go. Old memories of repressed sensuality came forth, and were now celebrated. I no longer had five senses, but could not say if I had but one, or infinite, so unified and complex I felt at once.

I have been changed. #45 – Tom – 07/30/2012 

Universal Energies

Hi Barb, I’m taking a little break from my afternoon of studying, and I was thinking of you and wanted to say ‘THANK YOU!’ When I first asked about coming back to see you for massage, I was not sure how you would react. I’m very glad that I did, because you truly have a rare gift. Honestly, I don’t know how you have the energy, but when you massage me, the rest of the universe disappears.

Better yet, it is as if you channel all of the good energy in the universe and conduct it through your hands and body, and are able to restore me to 100%. Your sense of what I need is incredible, and out of this world.

So, thank you for being you!


#44 – Dave – 06/11/2012

At Ease

I recently went to see Goddess Rose for the first time. Not knowing what to expect, I entered her temple with an open mind. Our initial conversation put me totally at ease and at that point I knew that I was going to have a memorable experience, just not how memorable. As she began, I felt more and more at ease and then I began to shake. Not from the cold, but from something deep inside me that made me feel good. She had me picture a ball of light inside of me and I began to feel an inner warmth that felt like a giant orgasm that seemed to go on forever. I’m sure that this was only first of many more visits and I am looking forward to our next encounter. #43 – Dan – 05/26/2012

New Experience

I was looking for a new experience outside of the traditional massage, and that is indeed what I found with Barb. She is friendly and her touch is warm and soothing. I was very nervous, but she eased my nerves quickly with her smile and her touch. This was a wonderful session. #42 – Kelly – 05/23/2012 

What an experience!

I’ve had many massages, but none that compare to the one I had to-day. I’ve never been made to feel more welcome, a left so completely relaxed and satisfied. I’ll be scheduling another soon. #41 – Happy Client – 05/15/2012 


Dear Barbara,

There have been significant changes occuring with me recently. Most of them appear to be completely unrelated but I think the changes are just symptoms of something more fundamental. I am sleeping much better lately. I actually slept completely through the night last night. It has been over 10 years since I last did that. For no apparent reason, I am eating cereal for breakfast. I never liked cereal but now actually look for it in the morning. I find myself not interested in big dinners anymore. There have been days when I don’t even eat dinner because I’m not hungry. My exercise program and efforts to lose weight had stalled. No matter how much I worked out I did not lose weight. In the past week I have dropped 6 pounds.

I cleansed with sage last night. With such a simple ceremony, it is amazing the calming effect it has on me. I didn’t feel particularly stressed before the cleansing but as soon as I smelled the smoke I felt something drain out of me leaving me feeling peaceful. Afterwards I see things differently, more clearly, and in more detail.

You opened a door for me and this time I walked through. Thank you for taking the time with me.

James #40 – James – 10/21/2011 

Born Again

As a business executive an avid fitness person I was in search of something different than a routine massage session. I was in need of a person who understood the body/muscle. I was very fortunate to learn of Barb and here is where my words really can’t explain how she has transformed my body.

My 1st session with Barb was in May 2010. First I must say, Barb is a very beautiful woman who definitely takes care of her body. More importantly than her physical attributes, Barb is very intelligent, attentive and patient. Knowing the body, Barb made me feel things I never thought possible. She guides you through each session and not one session is the same.

I have seen Barb on 4 different occasions since that 1st date and will be seeing her frequently.

I make the drive from Washington, DC to Delaware to feel Barbs touch and it is worth every mile I drive. We have had great conversations and she treats you as a friend. I am very fortunate I met Barb and she has been very good for my mind, body and soul.

Until we meet again 🙂 #39 – Leon D – 09/22/2011


She’s great, I loved the experience. I’m going to give a massage to one a friend of mine thanksgiving 2011. #38 – William D. – 08/16/2011

Enlightening To A Tee

Since our last session I have been contemplating, thinking, searching for words to describe what you do. I’ve come to the conclusion, there are no words in the English language that can convey, that can even come close. You are a totally unique individual.

Your hands create waves of power that flow in ways that have to experienced to be believed. Your empowered with a being that brings out things while talking that don’t even get discussed between closest of friends. You are a most loving, caring, joyous soul imaginable and I truly enjoy every minute we get to share. I do listen to you. I learn, I get things wrong sometimes and I’m the first to admit it, but that’s part of learning. You’re a special woman and I am honored and humbled for being allowed by you to share in your light and life.

The hot oil and your passing touches can only be compared to a lightening storm. After the first strike the energy starts flowing and be-comes more intense. With each passing strike the anticipation of the next strike is unbelievably powerful. I just cant find all the words to what I feel. You really have to be experienced for any understanding at all.

Until our next encounter! Smiles 🙂 #37 – Don L – 08/15/2011

Out of Body

I must say that today I had my first out of body experience. Barbara has a touch unlike any other touch I have experienced. I have never felt so calm and at peace both mentally and physically. She is truly a goddess. #36 – Chris – 07/14/2011

Touched by an Angel

Barb’s beauty, kindness, energy and gifted hands create a truly unique and amazing experience. #35 – Gene – 06/24/2011

Missing YOU

Hello Goddess Barbara,

It was a year ago today 4/30/10 that I had the wonderful honor of meeting you and feeling your touch and learning how to relax and focus. I am so sorry, I really thought I would have been to see you by now. You are so worth every penny. As I said, I do try to practice what you told me about breathing and trying to stay relaxed and focused. Other than that I am well. So again, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a day I will never forget and hopefully some day I can have the honor and pleasure to see you again.

I see you still have my testimony on your site. I AM HONORED!! I love the new photos. You truly are beautiful in every way. :0)

All the best to you and your family. That special someone is very blessed to not just be a part of your life but in it. He is one lucky man! Any man would be a fool to leave such an incredible woman as you. I trust this one will stay. #34 – BOB G. – 04/30/2011 

A Mystic Spirit

The spoken word is simply insufficient to describe my touch communication encounter with Barbara this past Saturday morning. She is truly a mystic daughter of the Mother Spirit. Her talent could not have been learned on this earth, but I believe was bestowed to her for the expressed purpose of sharing with others. No one should leave this life before experiencing the aura of this Woman. #33 – Bob G. – 04/18/2011

Outstanding Fantastic Amazing

Outstanding Fantastic Amazing Unbelievable Awesome

Your a miracle, a open sincere loving individual that needs to be worshiped as the TRUE Goddess that you are. I’m so looking forward to our next session, which can not be soon enough.

Yours Truly,

Don #32 – Don – 03/24/2011 


Unfortunately it has been a couple of months between sessions since I last saw Barbara. I don’t want to wait that long again. The massage experience was so intense it is hard to put into words. Barbara keeps me so focused that I felt linked with her from the first touch to the last. Each stroke sent shock waves throughout my body. The sensations were amazing! It is hard for me to stop thinking about the whole experience.

I hope to continually learn from Barbara to stay focused and connected with myself throughout life. I felt so vulnerable yet very safe with Barbara. It is a great feeling and true treasure to surrender myself to her and her touch. She has an unbelievable gift. #31 – mike – 02/04/2011 

Bless you

Goddess Barbara, words cannot express my thankfulness for the wonderful massage you gave me today. I came to you thinking I knew what I needed and you gave me what I really needed instead. Your in-tuition, skills, gift, whatever has brought me more peace than I could ever expect.

Namaste my friend. #30 – James – 12/27/2010 


Nice to be visiting your post again, it has been months for me. Well this article that I’ve been waited for so long. I need this article to complete my assignment in the college, and it has same topic with your article. Thanks, great share. #29 – used fork lifts Washington DC – 12/09/2010 

Incredibly awakening

This was my first time with the Goddess. Let me say it was wonderful. Her touch is simply amazing, awakening and very beautifully done. This is one of those special moments in one’s life that allowed me to reach down inside and find peace! If you’re just thinking about seeing this Goddess of the Rose, don’t think just do it. It will enrich your life. Thanks so much Barbara! #28 – Roy Morton – 11/03/2010


I had an amazing and truly awakening experience with Barbara. A spiritual experience I didn’t quite expect since I was nervous at first but Barbara was so caring and helped me relax. She is a very warm and caring person. Such a pleasure to meet her. The massage truly was an awakening for me. I felt so free. After the massage I was so full of energy. It was a great feeling. Something I haven’t felt in awhile. Barbara definitely takes her time with you and makes you feel welcome and special. I cannot wait for my next appointment. #27 – mike mckinley – 10/13/2010

Spirituality at it’s finest

In life there are so many uncertainties, but throughout one of Barb’s sessions, life, love, and spirituality all come together. Barb greeted me and welcomed me into her life making me feel like we have been friends forever. The feeling of unconditional love consumed me as she began to awaken my inner spirit and sensuality. The gift that she is able to share is so overwhelming and beautiful that you will agree that she is a true goddess! She has a touch that will ascend you to the gates of heaven and have you believing the angels have brushed you with their wings. Barb is a beautiful, sensual, and truly spiritually gifted woman that I will definitely see again and again.

#26 – Greg – 10/02/2010

Wonderful experience

Goddess Barbara,

Boy! Do I ever have a new appreciation of your title! I felt good last night but feel even better today. I was in bed this morning thinking about the white light exercise and I swear I could feel your hands. As the day has gone on, I can still bring back the feeling and comfort just by closing my eyes. Thank you for caring about me and keeping me safe when I am most vulnerable.

#25 – James – 09/30/2010

Like No Other!

Magical, Mesmerizing, Extraordinary, Incomparable.

These are a few words that come to mind in describing Barbara and her massage abilities. I have enjoyed hundreds of massages around the world, and now know that I’ve found the best, in Barbara. She is truly unique, a goddess in every way, and reached me like no other ever has.

Regardless of how far you might need to travel to see her, your time and effort will be more than well rewarded. I’m thrilled to have found her, and you will be too. Dear Barbara you are a Goddess in every way and I am thrilled to have found you! #24 – Mark – 09/29/2010 

Simply Amazing

What a wonderful woman. Very kind, caring, and has much knowledge on her gifted craft. Her hands are magical and she is filled with much joy and energy. I have never felt more relaxed in my life. If you visit her with an open mind, she can take you to such a wonderful place. Can’t thank her enough for such a great experience. #23 – Victor – 07/02/2010 

My 4th session

Had my 4th session with Barb and all I can say is that each session builds on the last. The heightened spiritual connection that Barb generates at my sessions increases the level of my higher consciousness.

Her touch is wonderful, as is her personality. If you have had a session with her, you know this. If you have not, then you don’t know what you are missing.

Thanks Barb for a great session. #22 – Ken – 06/07/2010 

To Be Cared For

If you are wondering about whether you would benefit from Barbara’s services, note that “too often we under estimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around” (Leo Buscaglia)

After two sessions with Barbara, the previous quote rings prominent in my mind. And although I neither needed to turn my life around, nor has my life turned around – Barbara and that quote are inextricable. So if you need some help in focusing certain aspects of your life, I believe Barbara can help you.

But you should consider the quote primarily for what it represents if you are lucky enough to meet her: sincere care without judgment. “In-deed the supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved – loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.” (Victor Hugo)

With Barbara your body will be free and your feelings secure.

Finally, I don’t want to rehash what should be patently clear about Barbara’s professionalism, experience, fitness, and beauty (in more ways than one). You can read her website (and I recommend you read the whole site) and the other reviewers’ comments to glean a more specific understanding of her personality and her services: ultimately, be confident that you will be well cared for. #21 – Erik – 05/23/2010 


It was my 1st time to see Barbara, finally after getting to know each other over the phone it was well worth the 2 1/2 drive from n.j. She actually took me to another world. She could see I was a little nervous at first but her patience & wonderful personality put me at ease. To enjoy such a fantastic experience! Her knowledge of all she says & does

was amazing. I learned some things as well as feeling her amazing velvet touch. She has the power to make you feel so many sensations & her velvet touch is fantastic. By the way she is breathtakenly beautiful. Her photos don’t do her justice. I do hope to get to see her again when I can. Thank you Barbara #20 – BOB – 05/09/2010 

Massage Redefined

I’ve seen Barbara twice in the past week, and want to share my thoughts about why you should as well.

First, she is beautiful. This is by no means the most important reason to see her. But it is a great first impression. She is shapely, and very fit and firm, with a ready smile and a twinkle in her eye.

Second, she is very engaging. She is easy and interesting to talk to. From the moment you step into her studio until you finish your session, you know you are the center of her universe, and she, yours.

Third, she has great massage skills – a strong understanding of physiology plus a wonderful touch that ranges from delicate to deep and penetrating, and the instincts to know what is needed when.

Fourthly, Barb’s Goddess experience, for me, redefined what a massage could be. Massages range from the mechanical to more engaged and sensual. Barb introduces a whole new dimension of spirituality. If you are able to trust her (which is easy to do) and give yourself over to her, she’ll take you to new places. It’s both physical and meta-physical, and highly intimate. I recommend a longer session as there is so much to explore, and Barb pours herself into it. At the end of the session, I felt I had received a tremendous gift that went well beyond the cost of her time. #19 – Bill – 04/16/2010

Another Wonderful Session

Just had my 3rd session with Barb and they get better each time. Barb is constantly learning and bringing what she learns into her practice to the benefit of the seeker. No two sessions are the same because the level of connection regarding energy and spirituality changes each time. #18 – Ken Swan – 04/16/2010


It is rare to find extraordinary technical skills that create both sensual and emotional connections. Barb’s touch is more than the act of massage. I left with feelings that I had never experienced before. I look forward to my next session as Barb takes me on a journey to where I have never been. #17 – Peter – 04/08/2010


I had my second session with Barb this week and it was one of the most unbelievable experiences I have ever had. I reached a personal and spiritual place I didn’t even know existed. She is one of the most amazing humans I have ever met. I can only say, WOW! #16 – Ross – 04/07/2010

A Great Experience

I have had many Tantra sessions with Goddesses in various parts of the country and my finding Barb is a blessing. She may not portray herself as a Tantrica, but she is as good as any I have had a session with. I have visited Barb twice and each time she moved me to a new level of consciousness. Our connection was immediate, as others have stated, and just increased as each session progressed. I drive 1 and a half hours one way for a session and it is worth every minute of the drive. Her hands offer a healing touch that resonates through the body. I am looking forward to seeing her again. #15 – Ken – 04/06/2010 


I had my first Goddess experience today and am looking forward to many many more! It is hard to find new words to describe Barbara’s personality and skills that are not a repeat of all that is said in other testimonials. Before today, I would have said that I have had many massage experiences but my session with Barbara today has proven that I really have never had any at all. I most sincerely endorse the person who wrote that you must go for 2 hours! I cannot imagine spending less time with her. I could have spent the day!!! #14 – Tom – 04/01/2010 


If your like me, you have had 100’s of options when it comes to location close by you to get a massage of similar type! But not until you are willing to drive an hour to experience the extremely incredible touch of Barbara’s hands will you understand why the trip is worth it. I have given my share of massages and had my share of massages as well. NONE COMPARE!!! SHE IS THE BEST AT WHAT SHE DOES in the tri state region of PA, DE, NJ. Stop Looking elsewhere and become her client. It will change your life forever. #13 – Greg – 03/26/2010 


Wow, Barb is phenomenal. I had another session with her last night and she definitely knows how to touch your heart. She touches my heart more and more each time I see her. This special woman has some very unique gifts and abilities. I let myself ‘go’ and trust her completely. I don’t know how she does what she does. All I can say is if you want a magical breathtaking experience you will want to see her for 2 hours. All day with her wouldn’t be enough. I find her addicting and much more beautiful in person. I admit her pictures are stunning but to see her eye to eye; she IS an angel!

If you are thinking of seeing her don’t think just do it. #12 – David – 03/26/2010


Barb has this amazing ability to connect with people and a warm and welcoming presence that quickly made me feel comfortable. The massage was excellent but it is Barb’s energy and personality that makes the experience truly memorable, I found her to be everything she claims to be. She opened my heart and touched my soul. With her help I found my own path to healing. This beautiful, loving, caring woman has found a very special place in my heart. #11 – Gene – 01/29/2010

Healing powers

This woman has more healing powers then many doctors do. I was having shoulder and arm pain and at the time I didn’t realize just what she had done for me till I was home and realized my long time dis-comfort and sometimes pain was gone from my shoulder and arm. I have been to many dr’s of all types and none could give me the relief she did. That was over a month ago and I am still pain free. #10 – Charles – 01/23/2010 

Out of Body

On my second visit to Barb, I had one of the most terrific experiences that any person could have. And that was an out of body experience. I am sure there will be non believers but until you actually let yourself relax and believe in her healings then you probably won’t have that kind of experience. The first time I had a session it was great and rejuvenating to say the least but as in anything we try for the first time there was a lot of unknowns and thinking too much of what was going to happen, and that first time was great. When you read her site and you set up a session trust her. Don’t think about anything other than the moment. Enjoy and you just might go to places you have never been. #9 – Chad – 01/23/2010 

Barb is amazing

I was pleasantly surprised when just 15 minute into the session I started to experience higher level thoughts and “leave my body”. Barb was with me all the way on a truly magnificent journey. I was diagnosed with Cervical Radiculopathy 6 months ago. After my session with Barb the following day I felt 20% improvement. Have no expectations and see how far you go. When it was over I felt fantastic. Barb is truly unique and I recommend her goddess bodywork to everybody. #8 – George – 01/22/2010 


I am now 24 hours removed from my first session with The Goddess and I am still in a state of euphoria. I was overwhelmed by the experience and came away both exhilarated and humbled. She is amazing and powerful. #7 – Ross – 01/19/2010 

Truly Amazing

I was truly Amazed with Barb from the moment I walked through her door. It was the most amazing session I have ever had in my life. She took me to spiritual places I never knew existed. It was not only the most sensual experience, but spiritual at the same time. I can’t wait to book my next session with her. Not only was my massage the best ever but our conversation prior to the core experience was fantastic and so real. I must say Barb and I were in touch with each other within the first 5 minutes. That is something that does not happen often with someone you just meet. So book a session if you want to be in places you never been. #6 – Harry – 12/25/2009 


First off I want to thank Barb for the best time of my life ever on a massage table. From the first time I met her until she closed the door behind me I had an amazing time. I felt things from deep inside of me that I never felt before. I hated when my session ended , and all I could think about is when I can get back for another session with Barb the goddess. Her sessions are worth every penny and every minute. If you listen to what she says and let yourself go , it is almost an out of body experience at least it was for me. Again thank you Barb for a great time with the massage and the great conversation. Can’t wait to see you again. #5 – Harry – 12/24/2009 


Let me start by saying I have been to many many massage therapist, all claiming they are the best. Not a single one can hold a candle to the Barb. From the moment I walked in the door to the time I left It was the best experience I have ever had. Barb is such a remarkable lady, so understanding and so in touch with herself and her clients, which is very very hard to find. Not only is she a beautiful woman but actually makes a person feel beautiful about themselves in the process. I felt so connected to her within the first 5 minutes of us meeting. I could have talked with her for hours, then she started my therapy session and I was lost in her world as if in a trance when we started on the core, she made me feel so comfortable with our session I didn’t want it to end, but like they say all good things must come to an end, but what they don’t say is you will have this experience with you for eternity. I plan on being a multiple repeat client. If you are hesitant about booking a session you will always regret it. #4 – Harry – 12/18/2009 


I would agree with all those who have shared their testimonials on this site. She is dedicated in sharing what she has learned of spirituality and how we all can walk in the light. #3 – tom – 11/01/2009 


Wow!! I went in to see this beautiful Goddess of the Rose and let me tell you this. She is simply amazing and more beautiful in person. She opened my heart and soul like no one has ever done before. She helped me see things and come to a better understanding of myself. Thank you so much Barb. I will be back. Cant wait to feel your gifted hands again!! #2 – Ed – 09/01/2009 

Touch brings us together

This website and its goddess possess elements that are important to the human experience, touch. When people touch they place in one another elements that connect the senses. Touch, is to me, one of the most important aspects of life one can share with another. The sensuality that is shared between two people cross the boundaries of spirit and consciousness. When this is shared the receiver and the giver share in each others experience and well being. Touch is spiritual, touch is sensual, touch is love….. #1 – Gary G. – 08/31/2009 


One of the most connected experiences I have had. I was taken to higher levels than ever and am still left with a new sense of awakening.