Spiritual Sensual Massages

Spiritual Sensual Massages

I have found through working with men, many really do not know what this means or entails. It’s so much more than having sexual intercourse. It’s more than just giving a massage. It’s a combination of all of who we are:






When we are able to utilize all parts of us in our unions we feel our energies in a higher place, from a higher place. But ignorer to do this, we need to tap in, tune in, to self. Toffee and see ourselves as Spiritual beings in a human body and our bodies being the way they are, it’s natural for us to come together in sexual intercourse. We need to step back away from this type of thinking so we can embrace who we are. All aspects of self. When we are able to “get out of ourselves” and back “into us” we then can experience these higher energies; with self and with our partner(s). A massage starts way before any actual touching takes place. It starts in the mind, with our thoughts. This is where our creative energies begin. Thought to words, to action to destiny. And YES, even within a massage. We also need to get out of the word itself “sensual” as f its a sexual experience. Sensuality is big! From a hand gesture to a light kiss on the cheek to a gentle touch from a hand onto the inner thigh.

I teach all about these things within my Spiritual Sensual Massage workshops.

I trust you will find all of my workshops helpful to you. That they will enlighten you, open your mind to think about this in a while new light.

Till next time!!

In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose


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