Transformational Coaching

I AM DIFFERENT. I know this because I know me but I also know this because after the years of massaging people, I have been told by them that I am different. My hands, my voice, my body, is used to heal others. All in my own special, unique way. I Love seeing the effects it not just has on my clients, but the effect it can have on me as well. You can not know beauty without FEELING it. To feel is to know. To know is to feel. The only way to KNOW me, is to feel me. The only way to feel me, is to know me. AHH, the wonder and beauty of TANTRA. IT IS A LIFESTYLE. NOT JUST AN ACT. This western society so often fucks up what real life and living is about. Very backwards culture. Many do not understand sexuality and sensuality at it’s fullest vibration.

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In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

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